Welcome back to my home. Have you seen how leafy the fig tree is? I hope this year it will bear much fruit because picking them up and preparing a fig salad with goat cheese, arugula and walnuts is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Today we will sit in its shade to enjoy a chat with Encarna from Encayarns and I will take the opportunity to show you the drop stitch, an ideal stitch to give a fresh touch to any summer garment.




I met Encarna a few years ago as a participant in a knitting club and later as a partner in a design course. Encarna is a lovely person, she always has a yes prepared for whatever I propose to her, she puts enthusiasm and passion in everything that she does, in short, a very warm person.

How and when did you start to dye yarn?

I started about two years ago, as a hobby, I dyed loose skeins and experimented with colours, it was a lot of fun.

How did you make the leap to dedicate yourself to dyeing yarn professionally?

Well, professionally, after the first edition of the Barcelona Knit Festival, talking to a friend, I think she convinced me a bit. She motivated me to such a point that after two months I started looking for suppliers and I got hands on till now.

What inspires you to create your colours?

Well, the truth, in almost everything, I have become more observant, I look at details that I previously let pass.

But since my grandson was born, something has flowed within me that my colours have taken quite a big turn.

What is your fetish fibre?

My fetish fibre, I couldn’t tell you, those that have some alpaca content, especially. Baby alpaca with silk and cashmere by the touch of it, the drape it gives to garments is amazing.

How has the pandemic affected your company?

The pandemic has affected us all. I cannot complain because we have continued to get orders, small and large, which at the moment is to be appreciated because I have always had work.

Can you show us the fibres I have used for the design?

That fibre is something special, half Merino, half silk. Both its delicate touch and its shine make this fibre very special, a shawl knitted with it makes you feel wrapped in something soft and warm at the same time. It is fascinating how it picks up the colors and shades.

When you were a child, what did you want to be as an adult?

Paediatric nurse.

What would you have yourself in 20 years?

I would ask myself about the trouble I got into.

 If you could travel in time, where would you go: to the pass or to the future?

Neither of both The future let it come in due time and the past is past.

Which animal would you like to be and why?

A dolphin. They fascinate me since I was little, they transmitted sweetness to me.

How would your perfect day be?

To have more time for mine.




With the Meriseda base from @encayarns I have designed this colourful flat knit cowl to practice sewing and knit it whether you are knitting with straight needles or if you have already made the leap to knitting with circular needles.

In addition, I have used one of the star stitches for spring-summer garments, the drop stitch. It is a stitches that you can add to any garment to give it a fresh and modern touch without having to calculate repetitions of stitches.





As I have told you in previous posts, the TAKE IT EASY collection aims to be a bridge for beginning knitters to learn new techniques step by step to gain autonomy and feel more secure. Thanks to the technical videos that I have already published and those to come, you will not have any problem knitting any of the designs in the collection.

Here is the video of the drop stitch so you can practice it or, if you dare, add it to one of the garments you are knitting.


Knitting is an act of love;

therefore, I wish you knit a lot!

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