Un cuello y 3 mujeres: la colaboración perfecta

A cowl and 3 women: the perfect collaboration.


I am so happy that you have come back to visit me. What do you wish to have: tea or coffee? My apologies, I got busy preparing a surprise for you, therefore I have not been able to prepare any snacks today. As I was telling you last Friday, I have a gift for you, a cowl. Have a seat, lets knit while I tell you the story of this cowl.

As you surely know, a few weeks ago I got 3000 followers in Instagram, so I decided to have a raffle. The gift consisted in participating with me to a designing process of a cowl or a shawl with yarn from @Encayarns, dyed specially for the occasion.

The winner of the raffle was Eva from @el_ovillo_original. She will be our guest next week, she will tell you all about her experience designing the cowl.

Firstly, Eva told me about what things she liked and which were her favorite colors. With all that information I created an inspiration board. Eva loved it. After that, I sent it to my friend Encarna from @Encayarns so she could come up with a unique color base on our inspiration.

Once I received the dyed yarn, I start making swatches based on the common threat established with Eva. She chose the stitches she liked the most and, from that point on t was time to do some calculations, write the pattern, find testers, take out the photos and edit them.

To you want another drink?

I am really happy to see you back here and I have enjoyed so much the process of creating the Memole cowl. I have shared really good vibes with both the women, Eva and Encarna. Because of all those reasons I have decided to gift you the pattern of the cowl. However, I will give it to you little by little.


Remember: If you wish to download the pattern with the graphics and the explanation videos from Ravelry, once I have finished giving you the whole pattern over here, remember to subscribe to my newsletter. I will send you a code to download it freely so you can keep the pattern with you forever.

Today, the first installment: the construction of the cowl and of its elements, the material and the yarn you will need, the gauge swatch and the abbreviations so you can get used to them.

On Friday 19th March the second installment: the assembly instructions, sections 1 and 2.

On Friday 26th March the third installment: the instructions for section 3, the bind-off and the final touches.



The MEMOLE COWL is a top-down simple cowl which is knitted with circular needles, therefore it has no seams. You will work different stitched which will give the cowl some amazing textures. The stitches and textures evoke the sensation of walking in a forest, of being under those branches that cross each other and of walking along the pathways.


ENCAYARNS 100% merino sw. 437 yards (400m)/100g. To knit the sample I have used 75g.



US6 (4mm) circular needles or the appropriate size to obtain the gauge, with a 12”-16” cable or a 40”-48” if you work with the magic loop.

22 markers.

Optional: cable needle.


FINAL MEASUREMENTS APPROX.: 9,84” (25 cm) wide (measured in flat) * 11” (28cm) height.


GAUGE: 27,5 sts * 35 rds worked in garter st in 10cm, knitted in the round after blocking using US6 (4mm) needles or the appropriate size to obtain the gauge.



1/1 LC: 1/1 Left Cross.

1/1 RC: 1/1 Right Cross.

BOR: beginning of the round.

ktbl: knit through the back loop.

k: knit.

k1-us: knit one under the loose strand.

k2tog: knit 2 together.

p: purl.

p2tog: purl 2 sts together.

PM: place marker.

RM: remove marker.

Rnd: round.

sl1wyif: slip 1 st with the yarn in front.

sl5wyif: slip 5 sts with the yarn in front.

SM: slip marker.

ssk: slip, slip, knit.

ssp: slip, slip, purl.

st(s): stitch(es).

yo: yarn over

If you have any doubts you can write me an e-mail at: info@aitanavillaknits.com

I hope you enjoyed the cup of tea, our talk and that you were excited to receive the MEMOLE COWL as a gift. If today is your first time visiting my home, you can click HERE to go to last week’s post, where you will find the interview with Justina from “Feliz y Punto”.

Knitting is an act of love;

therefore, I wish you knit a lot!

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