About me

Aitana Villa

Hi, I'm Aitana.

Mom of a teenager, a baby and a giant poodle, passionate about dogs and addicted to knitting with beautiful wool.

This year I'm turning 40 starting again.

Years ago I had a dog grooming business and school for groomers that was going from strength to strength and that made me very happy. Being able to be surrounded by dogs all day, undoubtedly the most noble and loving beings on earth, was wonderful.

But the disease knocked on my door to stay. I had to learn to live with spondylitis and fibromyalgia, close my business and reinvent myself. Luckily I am a very resilient person and I believe that our ability to adapt is brutal, so without fear, although with some regret, I set out on a new path.

I spent a few years in accounting administration (honestly, it was very boring) while I was delving into the weaving world. What began as a hobby to give a little color to a gray working life, has ended up being my passion.

I started with garter stitch scarves, jumped to colorwork baby blankets and decided to unleash my most creative self by learning how to design shawls.

In these years of apprenticeship there were many occasions in which I thought that I was not capable of carrying out a certain project, that it was too much for me. But with tenacity and that no one beats me with a big head, I finally managed to finish them.

Aitana Villa 2

Knitting has made me more patient, I am able to manage frustration better, I tolerate mistakes better, and it has become my moment of disconnection, that little time for ourselves that we all need.

I believe that knitting is showing love to oneself by dedicating time to do something that you like and motivates, that love is intertwined with the fiber in each stitch we make and then embraces us through the knitted garment. There is no bad day that a good coffee with rice milk and a while of knitting with beautiful wool does not improve.

The need to surround myself with color, do something more creative and not spend so many hours in front of the computer made me start experimenting with dyes and wool a few months ago. A world of infinite creativity opened up in front of me and now I would spend the day dyeing.

If my illness has taught me anything, it is that life can take a 180 degree turn at any moment, so you have to do what makes you happy.

And it makes me happy to knit, design, dye wool and, above all, help other knitters who find themselves in the same situation I was in years ago, who have difficulties knitting what they like, to be able to to weave better, to remove those barriers that make them believe that they cannot, to empower themselves as weavers to become autonomous and there is no pattern that can resist them.

With my work I hope you get those patterns and yarns that make you enjoy each stitch, but above all the support and knowledge you need to feel like the capable knitter you are.

Precisely to give you that support you need, I have created the AV CLUB, an exclusive place where you can knit and learn without complexes, where I will give you a hand when you need it so that you can fly by yourself. and in which, in addition, you will have the support of a lot of knitters with the same concerns as you.