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Aitana Villa

DOROTHY CLOWN (74% baby suri alpaca, 26% mulberry silk: 300m/50g)

DOROTHY CLOWN (74% baby suri alpaca, 26% mulberry silk: 300m/50g)

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DOROTHY is a lace yarn mixed with baby suri alpaca (from the first shearing of the alpacas) and mulberry silk. The combination of both fibers results in a fluffy yarn, very very soft, vaporous but with consistency at the same time.

You can use Dorothy just like you would mohair, on its own to achieve flowing fabrics, or with another yarn to give the fabric texture and depth. In addition, babi suri alpaca is a 100% hypoallergenic fiber, ideal for people with sensitive skin who cannot weave with mohair.

Once you knit Dorothy you won't want to knit anything else.

Composition: 74% baby suri alpaca, 26% mulberry silk, non superwash.

Thickness: 300m /50g fingering

Recommended needles: 2.5-5.5mm depending on the project and the texture you want to achieve.

it's a wool hand dyed in batches of 2 to 4 skeins so there may be a small variability from one skein to another, so it is advisable to intercalate skeins in larger projects.

Be sure to add to cart the skeins needed to finish your project. In case there is not enough availability you can send an email to

Care: you have spent many hours knitting something precious and the time has come to wash it. Dorothy is a Non Superwash yarn, so I recommend that you give your beautiful garment the love it deserves with a hand bath with a specific soap or shampoo, wring it out without twisting it and lay it out to dry horizontally in the shade. Your garment will look like it just came out of the best spa.

MULESING FREE: wool obtained without practices of animal cruelty.

Color: I have done my best to ensure that the color reflected in the images is as true to the actual color as possible, but the settings of each device are different and there may be a distortion between the color you see on your screen and the actual color.


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